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ExxoPok Cell Phone Pouch

This ingenious belt-clip cell phone holster is handmade in Germany. I use genuine leather, or vegan acrylic felt, to make a phone pouch that can accomodate any size device, including a protective case like Otterbox. The cell phone pouch comes with a strong, stainless steel belt-clip. I can make it angle forward to be carried on your right side, or on your left side.

Have you been looking for a cell phone pouch with belt clip that isn't uncomfortable when you sit down, doesn't come off when you bend over, and doesn't make you look like a dork when you carry it? Is your smart-phone too big for your pants' pockets? Do you want to have your phone with you, but don't want to carry a purse or bag? Have you tried different belt-clip phone cases and found them impractical?

The ExxoPok cell phone holster might just be what you need! This beltclip phone pouch features the "angle of dangle" that makes all the difference. It is hand made in Germany by myself out of high quality genuine leather or vegan acrylic felt. It has a belt-clip which also works without a belt. It won't bruise your thigh when you sit down. It won't come off when you bend over.

About Me

ExxoPok phone pouch designed by Karin Brenig

I like to keep my life simple, clean, and fun. If I don't find what I want/need in stores or online, I don't hesitate to make my own products.

When I couldn't find a belt-clip pouch for my Nexus 5X that wouldn't bruise my thighs when I sit down, wouldn't come off when I bend over, and wouldn't make me look like a dork when I wear it, I designed ExxoPok: the world's first and only belt-clip phone holster featuring the angle-of-dangle.

Here's how the pouch is made:

cutting material for ExxoPok

1. cut leather or acrylic felt

punch holes along the sides of ExxoPok pouch

2. punch holes, cut a slot for the charging cable

add the magnetic snap closure on ExxoPok flap

3. add magnetic snap closure

close the ExxoPok with rivets

4. close along the edges with rivets

grommet for the belt clip on ExxoPok

5. add a grommet to the dangle-angle

apply the ExxoPok brand

6. attach the belt-clip, apply the brand name

Some samples of my work, hoping to inspire you:

red acrylic felt ExxoPok phone pouch

ExxoPok cell phone pouch can be vegan too

blue leather ExxoPok cell phone belt clip case

my favorite color looks good on an ExxoPok

bright orange felt ExxoPok cell phone case with belt clip

ExxoPok cell phone pouches make a fashion statement

color variations of leather ExxoPok cell phone holster

pick any color leather for your ExxoPok cell phone pouch

black acrylic felt ExxoPok cell phone pouch

simply black ExxoPok cell phone pouch, made out of acrylic felt

black leather ExxoPok cell phone pouch

black leather ExxoPok phone holster looks good on any outfit

The reason why I had to invent the ExxoPok


I value your input, questions, and comments. Please let me know your thoughts.